Nail braces

Nail braces can be used to correct a nail if it is causing discomfort or pain.
Braces are used in case of:

  •  Early stage of ingrowing toenail(s)
  • A deviating nail shape which causes pain around it

After the nail has been cut and the cuticles have been cleaned, the podotherapist will bend the brace untill it fits unto the nail. Then, it is glued onto the nail. In some cases, the brace will be placed with some pressure on it in order to gradually change the nail's shape.

The nail could continue to hurt for about a day following the placement of the brace. After a day, the pain should have diminuished significantly. The follow-up consult takes place six to eight weeks after the placement of the nail brace. During this consult, the podotherapist will remove the brace from the nail in order to adjust its shape and cut the nail. This treatment will be repeated until the nail has obtained the right shape. This treatment is painfree and wearing the brace will not cause you any inconvenience. After the treatment, the initial problems will usually have dissapeared completely. In some cases however, the nail can start growing inward again with time and treatment will have to be repeated.