Shoe inserts

Correcting shoe inserts that are inserted into the shoe, also known as foot orthoses, offer a lot of possibilities in the podotherapeutic treatment of physical problems and pains. The inserts are part hand-made, part made by machine, and are personally adapted to your feet by our podotherapists.
Shoe inserts are used in any of the following cases:

  • Abnormality in the feet's positioning
  • Pain and/or fatigue in the feet and legs
  • Problems due to overburdening of the feet
  • Pain in the heels
  • Pain in the arches
  • Pain in the ankles, knees, hips, or back that are caused by a faulty positioning of the feet and/or a bad walking pattern
  • Recurring corn or excess of callouses
  • Specific ankle- or feet related complaints that can be seen with children during certain phases of growth.
  • Specific feet problems for patients of diabetes mellitus or reumathoid arthritis

Your first visit to the podotherapist will consist of a consult. During this consult, the podotherapist will be able to make an assessment of your needs by discussing your complaints with you and by conducting a full examination of your feet. The therapist will look at the mobility of your feet, examine the way you walk, and make a digital print of your feet. Then, the podotherapist will 'design' your shoe inserts on the computer by using a 3-dimensional scan. Thanks to this scan, the podotherapist can create personal, patient-specifically modelled correctional inserts for you with the use of a milling machine.

After your consult:
During the first week, your body will have to get used to walking with your special shoe inserts. Therefor, you may experience some muscle strains or warm feet. After two weeks, all discomfort should have completely dissapeared. However, if for any reason the discomfort remains or if the inserts do not seem to reach the wanted effect, you can contact your podotherapist for a check-up consult.

Once the desired effect is obtained, we advise you to visit us once a year for a check-up consult in order to make sure your situation has properly improved and to check whether the obtained effects stay. During this check-up, we will look at whether your inserts are still up to standard, do not show too much wear-and-tear, and whether there are any other feet-related problems we can help you with.