An orthesis is a toe-piece or toe-cast. It is used to correct deviations in the positioning of the toes, or to relieve pressure between or on the toes.
Ortheses are made:

  • To correct deviations in the toe's or toes' position
  •  Protect the toes from pressure from the shoes
  • Relieve painful spots from pressure
  • Keep a certain positioning of the toes in place, as would be needed after a toe operation
  • Treat a wedged nerve in (the arches of your) foot.

An orthesis is shaped directly around the toe, making its fit precise and perfect. The orthesis needs to be worn untill the toe has adapted to its proper position. An orthesis, which is designed to redistribute pressure, needs to be worn forever. The patient should get used to the orthesis within two weeks. If pain continues after two weeks, or if the orthesis is uncomfortable or has insufficient effect, please contact your podotherapist.